About Us – Licensed, Insured & 25 Years Experience

C Story Poles is a full service story pole corporation with an appreciation and understanding for the variety of story poling requirements related to your project.

With over 30 years experience in story pole erecting and certifying, our fully insured employees are dedicated to assist you throughout your story pole project.

C Story Poles is owned and operated by Chris B. Collins, California Licensed Professional Land Surveyor No. 8591. Our first story pole project was completed in Southern California over 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve grown into a trusted and committed full service story pole corporation, ready to serve you and your story poling needs.

C Story Poles is here to help. Please contact us for free story pole consulting and cost estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your team.

Owned and operated by Chris Collins: licensed land surveyor, fully insured, 30 years experience!